Jun 25

Waited long enough for the new Windows Phone 7? Your long wait is worth it. Microsoft team has put up everything they’ve got for this project. And having one will definitely be a major wow. Microsoft team uses three rooms for the making of Windows Phone 7. The Studio F serves to be the working place for the installment of the phone’s operating system and its resilience on bugs. The second room which is the Studio H is responsible for web services and application development in the marketplace. Moreover, the last room which is located at the back of the Studio F is accountable for micro processing. Continue reading »

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Apr 12

After a dramatic unveiling last month in Barcelona’s 2010 Mobile World Congress, the Windows Phone 7 Series is back in the headlines. Over the past few days, Microsoft circled around the system during its MIX10 and GDC conference in order to correct the loopholes left out unnoticed during the release of Windows Phone 7 Series. Continue reading »

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