May 27

With the recent upsurge of technology, many companies are employing these technologies in many of their operations including sales, record keeping and as far as customer service. Advertising and publicity are now done more effectively than ever, reaching more customers. Another big area that has also evolved with technology is customer service. Continue reading »

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Nov 12

Some 42 per cent of senior executives in large UK companies see investment in new technologies as one of their key priorities to achieve business growth and cut costs over the next year, according to new research released today by BT Global Services.

via UK businesses prioritise technology to overcome the downturn, says BT survey.


The truth is, sometimes we can get stuck in ruts and a recession can have the beneficial side effect of spurring innovation. While no one is recommending deliberate recession to foster it, innovation is turning out to be a major boost to economic recovery. Continue reading »

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