Jun 15

In a turnaround case, Google has now ensured that it will offer European regulators data that it had furtively collected over the past three years using its wireless networks. On Thursday, according to a Google spokesperson, this collected data should be rightly handed over to the right authoritative within just a few days time. However, in the previous week, the computer giant had found itself in and disagreement with a privacy supervisory body at the city of Hamburg in Germany. The privacy regulator body sought for a direct access to the collected data. In such a situation, Google was not quite sure of itself if it was legal to hand over the data to the regulatory body. Continue reading »

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May 28

Google has been badgered badly on privacy issues emanating from supposedly an oversight in programming as regards their Street View application. Google had been making use of Street View cars to snap up photos of various places around the globe to be used in their programs such as Google maps. Continue reading »

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