Jul 15

Social media networking sites have been pretty famous since the start of the technology era. And, one of the earliest networking sites is MySpace. Though with the existence of Facebook, Twitter and other famous sites MySpace has ranked low in the list. However, it is said that the networking site still holds a strong root. Moreover, MySpace is said to be struggling and trying its best to stand upto the test of time and competition between the networking sites. But will the decision of making MySpace Music be offered for subscription a good step in the competition?

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Apr 22

Hadi and Ali Partovi, the well known twin tech entrepreneurs have finally decided to depart from MySpace, the struggling social networking site in a high profile exit. The duo sent an exclusive internal memo to the website’s site this Tuesday afternoon. Continue reading »

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Nov 02

Google Music Search

“MySpace has the world’s largest database of live events, and iLike has already built some of the world’s best concert-discovery features available online,” Courtney Holt, president of MySpace Music, wrote in a blog post. “We’re delighted to have implemented the first structured integration of concert data into Google search, and this is only the beginning of our efforts to innovate in the live event space.”

via Google Music: What Were Ticketmaster And Facebook Thinking?.

Google Music, now available at Discover Music will help you find just what your looking for. Search options include; artist, title, publisher as well as the ability to find music just by your memory of a few lyrics of the song. Google search’s indexes are /that/ thorough. Continue reading »

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