Mar 26

According to an IT support issue published just the previous week, it is believed that Mozilla is on the process of developing a tool for giving all the users of its rival browsers an easy way to find if the important add-ons are updated or not. The tool will allow the users of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari to check out if its add-ons are updated to their latest versions. Continue reading »

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Mar 23

In a new announcement, Google declared a newly designed open source project in order to facilitate the use of its new WebGL system. WebGL, a browser based 3-D graphics standard supported by Mozilla and the Khronos Group is basically designed for calling the graphics through the Open GL desktop graphic interface. Continue reading »

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Dec 02

Expect dramatic performance increases from next generation of browsers.

Mozilla has just announced the release of an alpha version, codenamed “Minefield”, of the next Firefox release. This new Firefox will include the ability to render pages in Direct2D, instead of the normal GDI, with which browsers have been rendered for many years. Not only will this make Firefox render faster, but it will support a slate of new possibilities as graphic rendering by a dedicated graphic chip allows from many more different kinds of effects and tools with which to present and manage information, different technologies, normally only reserved for 3D graphics applications, will be available to web designers to augment their regular toolsets. As well, the web design toolsets will absorb Direct2D and offer more choices. Continue reading »

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Nov 03 – Home of the Mozilla Project is a global, public benefit software project that got it’s first code when Netscape open-sourced it’s famous Netscape Navigator.

Named after the internal Netscape source code-name, the Mozilla Project released it’s first browser/email suite Mozilla 1.0 in 2002. Although many of today’s users may not recognize it, Mozilla 1.0 was a direct successor of the original web browser NCSA Mosaic. Continue reading »

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