Jul 13

The Google Voice Prompt can now be used and accessed by US residents. With its capability of forwarding calls to your mobile phones, many people have been anticipating the said release. And now, that it is available for use, a problem seems to have sparked. The Google voice prompt seems to not be accessible to all users. It seems to be not compatible to iPhone 4 which makes it not effective for iPhone 4 users.

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Jun 21

Luck seems to be evading those who bought the iPhones that are unlocked having in mind that they are going to take advantage of the unlimited data plan of the iPads micro-Sim, so as to get their handset the best of service. This is because their hope will be shattered as such types of actions are not tolerated by Apple. Continue reading »

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Apr 22

Apple is back in news for its best earnings in the second quarter of 2010 that was previously predicted by Wall Street. Well, thanks to the increasing need and purchase of the Apple iPhone in the market. Continue reading »

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Apr 20

Opera has not been the best loved browser and there is a list of reasons for its failure. In spite of the fact that the product was not very popular, the company has made several interesting innovations. One of these innovative applications includes the creation of a wonderful new mobile application that has caught the fancy of many major players in the mobile market. Continue reading »

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Mar 26

The C.T.I.A. conference held in Las Vegas this Tuesday articulated a series of announcements based on the IT services platform. In the conference, Yahoo announced the launch of two search based iPhone applications, namely Yahoo Search iPhone App and the Yahoo Sketch-a-Search. Continue reading »

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