Jul 12

Do you wan to have a new computer or laptop? What brand do you prefer? How much is your budget for your plan on purchasing a computer unit? If you want the latest chips and parts at the best affordable prices on the unit, the best brand that is usually offered is a Dell unit.

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Jun 07

In an investor conference held in New York this Thursday, the CEO of Dell computers, Michael Dell illustrated his wish to make the company privatized. According to a series of reports, it is believed that he made this statement in response to a particular question put up at the Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. an investors conference that was held just this Thursday. The reports also mentioned that Dell however didn’t explain as to what was his motivation or why did he actually decide to sell off his company. Continue reading »

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Jun 01

Greenpeace activists shrouded the Dell Company in Texas and having a banner asking Dell and Michael specifically to try to remove the toxins! This statement was directly to Michael Dell. Continue reading »

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