Apr 06

A new malware was detected by the security researchers for the first time which instead of masking itself as an update program, overwrites Adobe software update functions. Not only Adobe but other applications too are affected by the new malware.
Ordinary malware acts as a disguised application which is treated by the software as an update file and gets installed into the system. But this new kind of malware disguises itself as update for the software and later replaces the update execution file. This makes the target software to download the stuff which endangers the system and all its related data. First of all the malware opens a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol client, Domain Name System client, a network share and a port through which it receives the commands.
Nguyen Cong Cuong, a known analyst working for Bach Khoa Internetwork Security (BKIS), portrayed the screenshots of the malware which emulates itself as Adobe Reader version 9 and overwrites the Adobeupdater.exe. The affected Adobeupdater.exe file then checks out with the Adobe system for the new available software versions. Such malware is routed through the email attachments or through the websites which are targeting the particular software vulnerabilities. The Adobe functions and newly launched products are usually the prime target of all hackers as they have a wide base of installation.
In order to detect these kinds of malware, decent antivirus software can be used. However, when these malware are removed or cleaned up from the system they leave an effect on the software affected by it. It disables the software updation function of the application which leaves the application and system exposed to critical risks. Due to such an effect, the users now have to download the software again. Although, most of the people affected do not know about the effects of malware and are unlikely to download the software manually.

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