Dec 03

Never Roll Out To An Untrained User Base

Enterprise Resource Planning can be a huge benefit or a terrible nightmare, depending on the quality of preparation given to it’s end users. With proper preparation, an ERP system can begin to immediately earn back it’s investment with increased productivity and opportunity, reduced waste and scheduling delay, provided that the user-base is able to spend more time using the system as it is intended and less time stressing it and the IT support staff by misusing it or not using it at all.

An ERP system provides many more windows to data than an end user may be used to. As well, it represents new interfaces, dialogs and workflows than an end-user may have either no experience with, because they were hired before the system was implemented, or no knowledge of, because their job duties are only tangential to the IT infrastructure, yet they still perform job duties that impact the system, like freight handlers that must learn to use a new inventory tracking handheld.

The expense of an ERP system requires that a business get it’s maximum value in as short a time as possible, and this means train, train, train, because the money you spend on preparing the users is a fraction of the money you will spend on repairing your workflow if you have skimped on the training. Workflow is important, it is business in action, not on paper, and represents, at the very minimum, your revenue stream.

Thus it is important not only to have a well designed and impletmented system, but a well trained and prepared user base to put it to work.


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