Nov 25


 IDC says, “Make better use of what you got.”

 This report re-iterates and clarifies some of the advice that has been handed down during tough times for centuries. It is entirely likely that your business or enterprise IT situation is like a 6 mule team pulling a 4 mule load while your looking to buy 2 more mules.

If this turns out to be true for you, it is likely the result of the ‘package deal’. Package deals, while efficient looking can turn out to be inefficient if insufficient analytic resources are given to maximizing the value of what you purchase.

This report focuses on server utilization, optimization of available help desk tools and re-evaluation of IT costs and expenditures as a consequence of service delivery changes.

Server utilization is, of course, at the top of the list for a good reason. Most good technicians will tell you that hardware is often deprecated at a higher rate than necessary for accounting reasons, and not because of actual degradation of it’s performance.

Electronic equipment, when kept within the proper environmental scope, is much better at operating at close to 100% capacity than mechanical equipment. If your internal website server, for instance, is only running at 20%-30% of it’s capacity, you aren’t really extending the life of that hardware any longer than if it were running at 60%-70% the same way that might be true for a set of tires for your car. This is something that some financial professionals are better at than others.

Therefor it makes good sense to consider packing that webserver into a virtual appliance and running it on other underutilized hardware.

While the risk of running up against a capacity wall is slightly increased by this kind of cost-saving measure, there is nothing that will stop you from moving that webserver back onto it’s old, or even newer hardware should the need arise. This is one of the benefits of virtualization, servers become portable and easily transferred from hardware to hardware in response to events or as part of an ERP strategy.

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