Nov 19
Google, It’s Not Just For Search Anymore

Rumor has it that Google will be opening up Google OS for downloads before the month is out with a release before Christmas. If you are wondering what the difference is, it’s a similar way of development that Microsoft does with it’s Technology Preview program.

The idea is, you first open up your repositories to the developer community at large, this is a group consisting mostly of software programmers, early adopters and researchers who will look at the code, install it onto some devices and start to put it through it’s paces. This is sort of like free labor for a company releasing software as these people will send alot of feedback, proposed patches and fixes back and generally help improve the code and shape it up into a more or less official release state, even if that release is a beta version.

The beta version is intended for more general use, although with the caveat that it is still not to be considered ready for any kind of mission critical or other kind of use in which it should be depended upon. This is a warning to small businesses, for instance, that might be considering using it for something upon which their business depends.

After the beta process, an official version number, and often a release name, is assigned to the code and it is ‘frozen’ in it’s current state. This means that any additional changes, aside from bug fixes and security patches, is towards the next release milestone, whether that be another beta release or a ‘technology preview’.

What this means is that, fairly soon, we will be seeing, and using, Google OS, but it’s more or less official market entry is still sometime in the future.

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