Jul 12

Skype is considered to be the very first and the most popular tool for video call and communication via PCs. Famous celebrities such as Oprah uses the tool for her show The Oprah for communicating easily with other people via PC for the sake of the show. This increased the popularity of the said gadget even more than it already is.

With the continuous demand on improvements and innovations for Skype, it has finally launched the Skypekit Beta Program which is made for Linux operating system’s usage. The said program is currently exclusive for the operating system- Linux but will also be available for Windows and Mac OS after few weeks.

Josh Silverman, Skype’s CEO, said in an interview in Taipei that Skype has been offered many opportunities. Many products are said to be given and offered to Skype annually. Many companies are offering options for Skype and one of these offers is the Skype software’s plugging into PCs as part of the PC package. This can be done by having SDK product of Skype certified then before making the software a part of the PC developers’ package.

Though many requests may have been received by Skype, it is also not surprising that different companies are trying their best to compete with Skype and its founded popularity in the field of video call via PC. And one of these companies is Google.

To compete with Skype, Google has launched Google Voice prompt the same time that Skype announced the details for Skype’s SDK. Silverman said that the action didn’t make her tremble even a bit. Though it is true that many companies have been innovating same software as Skype, Skype is still rendered to be the best in the field. Skype hasn’t even been affected with all the software and gadgets that emerged to compete with them.

Silverman also affirmed the fact that Skype is way better than it was in 2005 be it financially or in terms of the services it has offered and been offering. They are even expecting more sign ups aside from the recorded 560 million users in 2009. And with the plan of the PC package of PC developers, more users are to be expected when the plan is finally materialized.

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