Jul 13

March 2007 was the start of the long year case of Google vs. Viacom when it comes to the copyright of videos uploaded in Youtube. Viacom filed $1 billion suit against Google, the said company is determined to win the case and to let Google be held responsible for the unauthorized videos uploaded in the said site.

To solve the said problem, Google tried to compromise with the DMCA or the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which will filter the videos and protect copyrighted videos and the like. With this, the judge handling the said case agreed with the terms. But Viacom is not convinced with the language of the said program. The company will not give in with the fight. It emphasizes the fact that from the very start, Google knew of the infringement and this should be held liable for that.

And finally, June 23, 2010- Louis Stanton, US District Judge gave the final judgment for the intense fight between Google and Viacom. Youtube is safe since it is protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The court believes that Youtube will be a very good provider for users with the help of copyright holders to put the website on line.

Stanton believes that if Google really knew about instances of infringements, undoubtedly Google will instantly remove these videos. Moreover, the real people responsible for the infringements are the owners of the videos not the service providers. This gives the impression that Youtube and Google are not really the ones responsible for protecting the copyright of these videos.

But in reality, more and more are disagreeing on the decision made by the US court. According to a Silicon Valley-based lawyer, Denise Howell thinks that Google will most likely not remove the videos even though they are infringed. This will be the root cause for the increase in number of unauthorized videos in the end.

With these issues, Viacom is willing to continue the fight. The next even to wait for is the second circuit before the US Courts of Appeals.

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