Jun 25

Waited long enough for the new Windows Phone 7? Your long wait is worth it. Microsoft team has put up everything they’ve got for this project. And having one will definitely be a major wow. Microsoft team uses three rooms for the making of Windows Phone 7. The Studio F serves to be the working place for the installment of the phone’s operating system and its resilience on bugs. The second room which is the Studio H is responsible for web services and application development in the marketplace. Moreover, the last room which is located at the back of the Studio F is accountable for micro processing.

This determination to create Windows Phone 7 sprung from the fact that Microsoft has been left behind in the field of cell phone by Apple and Google. And now, with Vice-President Terry Myerson heading the team, the company might indeed catch up. With Myerson’s positive outlook on possibilities, the path to success is clearer than ever for Microsoft. First conceptualized in 2009, “We’ve got a good product” That’s what Myerson is convinced with the Windows Phone 7 and its features and capabilities. With its XBOX live games and Zune music integrated in the phone. This new phone is way more advanced and developed that Windows Phone 6.

The Windows Phone 7 is actually a multi-year project as planned by Myerson. He concentrated on a high quality result than to be able to go with the flow started by competitors. Moreover, Myers emphasized how investing great tools for craftsmen can produce excellent outputs. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are also focused on by Microsoft. These companies are the top distributors of cellular phones in the industry. Though it is true that it would be up to the Microsoft to choose the feature and date of release that would go with the product, the company is required to send the products to the retailers beforehand to study and know more on the product. With the problems that are arising with Microsoft’s hardware partners, Myerson still assures the crows that the new Window Phone 7 will be on store in no time.  IT Support

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