May 04

For all tech news lovers, the past week has brought up a range of IT news. However, the one where one’s eyes come to a halt is the news about Cisco and Hewlett-Packard. Two of the most reliable data centers seem to be off to the races. Hewlett Packard and Cisco who have the most well known names among data centers are in a silent competition to see who has the most sustainable version of a data center. When you purchase online hosting or even just simply open someone else’s website you are tapping into a data center somewhere. These centers are usually located on one or several floors of a building and can even take up a whole building depending on the size of the center.
HP which has always been the go to company for data centers seems to have some competition in Cisco these days. Cisco is relying on the fact that the network is a critical component for accelerating visual performance. The network is the glue that holds this together. Although Cisco and HP have not always been at such odds, HP is banking on the network itself as well as one of the key elements of its data center plans which is supported by the fact that it has acquired 3Com.
Even though HP would love to be the dominator in the data center world, Cisco has planned to give them a run for their money. HP would prefer an all HP hardware and data center approach where they themselves can control servers, networking and storage. But does anyone really want that?
Cisco is managing their cloud infrastructure options such as the Virtual Computing Environment Coalition that they manage along with EMC and VMware. The general purpose behind this approach is to create preconfigured data centers that have all of the bells and whistles that users desire by combining the options of all three companies.

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