May 04

It has happened to the most tech savvy of us all. You simply want to browse some applications, or read an article and you find yourself prompted to download this or that application just to view the material you are interested in. This brings forth worry and concern in those who have been burned by applications that have taken over their computers, forced them into looking here or there or anywhere that is not what their original intentions were when they signed on in the first place. This can be immensely frustrating most especially for users who are not as familiar with the pros and cons of certain applications.

We want our computers to run quickly and smoothly, although not all applications will bog down your system a lot of them will. Some of them aim to simply give perks to your already fine running browsers, while others aim to delve into your personal computer and find out what you like to look at, what programs you prefer to use and how often you use them. While the companies who make these applications will proclaim to any who will listen that this is for the benefit of the user, although eventually that can be true, it is more likely that they are used to find out what you like, so that they can make more of it.

Regardless, most users who know a bit about the internet and their personal computers will not appreciate this intrusion. It is true that if you are running a super fast computer, you may not even notice the activity going on in the background. However, for others who may not have upgraded their systems in a few years, they will certainly notice the lag of opening even the most simple of web pages or programs they enjoy using. IT Support

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