Apr 30

Unable to find the desired things online, most of us turn towards Google for its speedy search. However, just as you thought that Google is the solution to all your queries and the only way to go, things are to get a lot better. A plugin known as Native Client is about to make its way into Google Chromes browser. Native Client originally began as a format to run software modules for x86 chipsets. What makes Native client different is that its modules can be downloaded on the internet but it is run in a restricted sandbox and specific instructions are prohibited. Google has aims to mix the cloud-computing with what is now local computing performance.

Recently graphic chips have begun to move to higher-end options to a mainstream system that your operating system can rely on. This is not limited to your desktop or laptop personal computers as even the higher end cellular phones have their own graphic hardware now.

Leader of the Native client project Brad Chen said on Monday in an open email discussion that the newest version of Native Client will also support OpenGL ES. 2.0 in Google Chrome. A standard interface that allows all programmers to delve into the accelerated graphics, most particularly 3D graphics is the definition of OpenGL. This type of programming can be used on systems such as cellular phones, vehicles, gamers consoles and even other machines that are not fully powered as a personal computer may be.

Though both are open-source software, Google mostly controls Chrome and NaCl and their dreams are to make a standard out of NaCI. In spite of having such control, the NaCl plan is reliant on a larger effort. The browser interface known as Netscape Plugin application programming interface requires the updated plug-in interface to function.

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