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Outbound SMS

Our SMS platform has been designed as a convenient way to send SMS text messages using an online interface. Our platform is capable of supporting customers of low volumes (1-5 text messages a day), through to customers who require upto 1500 a minute to be sent. Each message is supported with a free delivery report to provide you confidence in the speed at which these messsages are delivered. Below are examples of customer types that can benefit from adopting our SMS facilities:
Dtech IT Talk Solutions
SMS for Individuals

Sending SMS messages through our control panel interfaces can prove to be a easier and more cost effective way compared to using your mobile. Per SMS costs can be as low as 5 pence including free delivery reports, and allow you to send messages appearing as if they were sent from your mobile phone. Any replies are then delivered to your mobile.

Dtech IT Talk Solutions
SMS for Small Business

Compared to adverts or mail shots SMS text messages can be a very attractive way to send short targeted messages to an audience. Within minutes your message is ready to send, and seconds later will be delivered to your customers. Messages can appear as your company name (eg DTech IT ) and can be upto 160 characters in length

Dtech IT Talk Solutions
SMS for Large Enterprise

If you deal with large volumes of clients, whereby service downtime just isn't an option, then SMS notifications can be the ideal way to deal with emergency situations. Your message can be delivered to thousands of people within seconds avoiding a flood of phone calls and emails about an issue you are currently dealing with. Such swift actions to notify customers of something you are aware of can reduce the burden on support systems the issue in hand has already caused.

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