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Business Option 4 - 100GB Capped

£ inc VAT
yes Speeds upto 8mbps Downstream
yes Speeds upto 448kbps Upstream
yes 100GB Peak-Hours Download Limit (8am - 8pm, 7 days a week)
yes 100GB Off-Peak Fair Usage Download Limit
yes 1 Month Contract
yes FREE Migration

Key Features

Transfer Cap
Tech Support

Data Transfer Caps
The data caps apply to peak hours which are defined as 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week. Outside of these hours your account has access to a 100GB fair usage policy. Uploads are considered unmetered.

Should you be likely to exceed your quota you will receive email notification letting you know the available options.

Monitor Online Usage
Our control panels update your usage figures every 30 minutes showing you all incoming and outgoing traffic in relation to your peak and off-peak usage limits. You can be sure not to unexpectedly exceed your download limits, and help spot any unusual traffic flowing through your connection.

UK Technical Support
All our support is housed internally based in South London, Croydon. There are no "press 2 for.." options to work your way through, you will be straight through to a fully trained member of staff within seconds of calling. Email support is also provided with most emails gaining a response within 20 minutes regardless of the question.

one month

Email Facilities
We can provide you with 5 @dtechit.co.uk email addresses each complete with FREE virus and spam filtering enabled. Outgoing SMTP servers are available for sending email and we do have an online webmail for accessing email away from home / office.

One Month Contract
We are still one of very few providers which doesn't force customers into long term contracts. It does mean that if you don't have broadband already then you will have to cover the costs of activating it on the line, but should you wish to move from another provider we cover the BT Wholesale charge of £+VAT.
Telecom Solutions
Dtech IT isn't just an Internet service provider. We are able to deliver our customers with line rental and call facilities. We can guarantee to be cheaper than BT for residential and business rates although you won't see us provide any "unlimited call" gimmicks. What you will see is low cost calls throughout the day, with 1 month contracts, and first class support and advice.

Summary of Features

By default we supply you far more than just an Internet connection. As standard you gain access to a number of useful features and facilities, backed up with our award winning UK based support.

  • FREE Migrations to Dtech IT
  • UK Based Phone and Email Support
  • Local Rate Phone Numbers for All Enquries
  • No "press 1 for..." Options When Calling
  • Backup Dial-in Number
  • Monitor Data Usage Online
  • 5 FREE @dtechit.co.uk Email Addresses
  • Download emails via POP3 or Webmail
  • FREE SPAM & Virus Filtering on Emails
  • SMTP server for sending emails
  • Advanced Online Control Panel
  • Off-peak usage subject to 100GB fair usage

Static IP Addresses

This is an IP address that is allocated to you that does not change each time you access the Internet. You can use a static IP address to run an email server or make it easier to remotely access your computer away from home.

Monthly Static & Routed IP Addresses (exclude VAT @ 15%)
Single Static IP Address £
Block of 4 Routed IP Addresses (2 usable) £
Block of 8 Routed IP Addresses (6 usable) £
Block of 16 Routed IP Addresses (14 usable) £

Should you require a static IP address you can assign one, or a routed block, to your ADSL account at any time via your control panel. Should you only need it for a temporary period it can be removed as quickly as you added it.


We openly promote all our current pricing to avoid any unexpected or hidden charges. Should you have any questions regarding these, please contact us on 01772 454447 or Email us at info@dtechit.co.uk

Pricing (exclude VAT @ 15%)
Migration (from non-LLU ADSL Provider) £
Migration (from LLU ADSL Provider) £
New Broadband Activation £
Additional Data Transfer (over quota, per GB) £
Regrade ADSL Speed (512k, 1Mb, 2Mb, upto 8Mb) £
ADSL Cease Charge (if you want broadband removed completely) £
Change ADSL Data Usage Cap £
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